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The amount of time it will take to create an estate plan will depend on the client’s needs. In some cases, it will only take a couple of days, and in other cases it can take two to three months.

What Makes Your Firm Different And Particularly Suited To Handle My Estate Plan?

We have always been a family firm. The firm was started by my father back in the mid-70s, and he and my mother worked together for a number of years as a small family practice. My sister started working with them when she finished college, and I joined the practice as well once I finished my service in the Air Force and began law school. Additionally, my wife has worked at the firm for around 25 years. My brother is a financial planner, with his own business, Asset Management Resources, LLC, and his office is located within the suite. There is a family feel to the practice, which is something we have had for a long time, and something that I think makes us uniquely qualified. We are sensitive to and understanding of the many family issues that can arise during the process of estate planning, and we know how important it is for a family to be able to work together. We’ve been blessed with clients who have great families, and helping them has been a wonderful experience for us. We’re very grateful that so many people have put their trust in us over the years.

Another thing that makes our firm different are the free services we offer our clients after they complete their estate plan. For example, one of the most popular services we provide is a client only seminar offered two or three times a year called “A Walk Through Your Trust”. During this seminar we go Article by Article, through the trust document. This gives the client the opportunity to get a translation of, and a better understanding of all the legalese that is contained in their trust. We try to give an explanation, in lay person’s terms, of why certain clauses are included in the trust, and how they are designed to give their families ease of use, better tax results and a high degree of flexibility. We have other client only seminars to assist with keeping the trust up-to-date and trust funding, as well as opportunities to learn about changes in the law and changes in estate planning theory and technique.

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