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Golf_DuskWhen you set up a trust, you need to name someone (a trustee) to manage the assets and the trust controls. While you may often start with yourself as a trustee, your choice of who is to follow as trustee upon your death or incapacity is very important. You want to facilitate collaboration among siblings/family members. There are times when the addition of a corporate successor trustee is useful. Consider the quality of service, the people, the stability of the firm, their expertise, and local presence.

There are very good reasons why you may wish to consider the Law Offices of Boyd & Boyd, P.C. as a successor trustee or co-trustee along with a family member. You can gain the advantage of years of experience, and personal service.

Three_GenerationsAs a professional trustee we can be especially useful to surviving spouses in cases of needed assistance for investment and tax issues. Where there are discretionary trusts, or stepped distribution to heirs over time a professional trustee can be useful to buffer family members from unreasonable demands.

Also, issues of creeping personal dementia can insure someone of experience to care for you, when or if needed.

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